Reddit Q&A with JC Baillie 14.8 - Highlights

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Reddit Q&A with JC Baillie 14.8 - Highlights

Post by scheissegalo »

Für alle die es verpasst haben oder zu faul sind, hier die highlights:

Are there any plans for ambient mobs or creatures in the game that players can tame,kill or farm for resources?
No, we don't have any plans for NPCs and PVE right now, this may come in the future but they definitely won't be present at beta
Will there be fauna, or any other pve-ish elements, in the game version released on 8/27? Seen some conflicting things online and obviously haven't had a chance to play. Want the worlds to feel alive!
no sorry, this was too much to add for beta. But we would love to add it later if we can
Will there be a "creative mode" for DU where we can create blueprints without limits to elements, materials, etc?
Not exactly, but we will gift you a certain amount of money per 24h, that should allow you to build reasonable structure without grinding, or very limited grinding for extra stuff you might want. Also, you will have a free safe territory on the moon, to build on it in total safety.
Will the Fetch command stay for beta? If so, will it be altered or stay in its current form?
no, it's gone. that was to compensate for bugs that we hope are now gone!
Could you go into more detail and describe the Beta Roadmap for expected major features, quality improvements and core game loops that players
who sign up for Beta can expect?
Sure, part of it is already public on our published roadmap, but we will update it soon (and it will be displayed in the game in the login screen): PvP on planets (still not AvA, but territory warfare), Simplified Mission System for players to create "quests", more mining options, planet upgrade (better graphics), more PvP capabilities for ships, ingame events,and many bug fixes and improvements that will come from community feedback (I may have forgotten a thing or two)
You gonna launch it on Steam? What's the end game like? Is it more like Survival MMO or MMORPG like WoW?
Not on Steam for now, you will be able to get it on our website. It's neither a survival (we did not have time to add the survival aspect, even if we would have loved to), nor a traditional MMO. This is a giant sandbox, where you are free to do and become anything your want. Think of it as going back to the root idea of a Massively Multiplayer Game.
Does the game have asteroid mining? If it does not, is that a planned addition?
Totally planned, yes. It's a relatively easy feature, and will come with improvement to mining
Are you planning to keep all the tools as items in your inventory? This seems clunky and cluttered to me and I would prefer a radial menu or similar.
.. I keep filtering them out as they are annoying.
The point is that in the vision, you should ultimately have a lot of tools you can craft or buy, with different perks. Think of it as part of your equipment. But for now, you just have the standard UEF one ;)
How many planets are there going to be for Beta? How many moons? Is there an asteroid belt or random meteors/asteroids also? What about the Planet redesigns: What is being redesigned: The size/volume? The ores/ The graphical fixtures?
12 planets and about 1-3 moons per planet. Just one asteroid belt for now, around planet Thades. Ore generation: mainly more variety in the size (including mega veins) and more variety in the depth (including veins very close to the surface, for beginners). Graphics redesign will come after beta, unfortunately (what has I seen is breathtaking, you'll be impressed I think)
Any plans to support joysticks etc for flight controls?
Not yet (or just in prototype stage), but it should not be long after beta.
How many sanctuary moons in total for all the planets will there be for beta launch?
one, but we might add more if needed
Does every account get one TCU or one STU (sanctuary territory unit)?
1 STU, unless you have a perk as a backer (at release)
Do sponsor and patron packs get extra STUs for use during beta or will extras be held for actual release many months down the road ?
Can you use an extra STU as a normal TCU on Alioth or other planets?
no STU are for Sanctuaries only (they weight nothing, cannot be crafted, etc)
With max usage of one STU per player per sanctuary moon, are there some other practical benefits to Patron packs?
it's good to have more room on a Sanctuary, I think
Will you need a TCU to use a territory scanner since it requires a static core to be placed first?
for now, yes, but we might change that
For people who are not good at building with voxels, what sort of gameplay can they find in dual universe? Is there more to the game than just mining? How can they get a spaceship?
Mining, industry (crafting by hand or via giant factories), exploring (there are many hidden secrets), trading on markets to get rich, build and run an organization with hundreds of players (even thousands), buy a ship/outpost and customize (vs building it from scratch), PvP (pirating), and lots of emergent gameplay that will come from the community (racing, puzzles, etc)
Oftentimes space games offer a vast world with very little to do. What steps have you taken in the design of your game so that it does not have the “depth of a puddle”?
After beta, the player-driven mission system will offer "things to do" for players who wants to be more driven in the game (with the advantage of being genuine "quests", serving a player-driven story line). But DU remains a sandbox, not a story driven game, so this has to be somehow appealing to you. Until perhaps we reach such a gigantic size that the world of DU is as rich as the real world, and then of course, the possibilities are endless.
Which changes to the current planets & Moons are planned for Beta?
Any surprises that we can anticipate?
No major changes, as we did not, unfortunately, integrate yet the planet revamp in the beta. Mostly ore distribution will be improved. And then we will upgrade the planets later (no loss of construct will occur, we will preserve that, of course)
Will you implement a search feature for tags? I run a large organization and whenever I have to put tags on items, I have to go through hundreds of tags just to find the right one. It will save a huge amount of time for if you can add this feature.
we just made so they are now sorted alphabetically. Not perfect, but better!
Will there be a possibility to repair voxels wich were destroyed in pvp?
absolutely. There is a rule in DU: no loss of "intellectual property", that is, ship design and such. So, you will have "repair units" that can restore a ship to its previous state (auto snapshots), provided you have the required materials/elements.
What are the plans for career progression in a certain field beyond talents?
you can improve certain Elements to get military grade version, etc. We would like at some point to do the same for tools. You also have achievements, that appeals to completionists. We will surely add more in the future.
Will there be a way to break down scavenged goods / booty back to raw pure materials?
not planned yet, but we discuss it a lot.
Will there be any improvement to industry link system (link system in general)?
We would love to have a 2D management view where you can handle all your links out of the 3D world, with 2D wires, etc. But this is a rather costly feature to develop, (called "Construct Manager"), and it has been postponed for now.
I've heard rumours of a content creator program for dual universe, can you provide any information on this?
Yes there will be a content creator program, which will go live when the beta launches. There will be a page on the website explaining where to go and what to do. We will be using a platform called for code distribution, for instance.
Will there be markets on the sanctuary moon?
Yes. And... ship shops! ;)
Vertex Editor when?
The problem with this feature is that it's a lot of work for many teams in terms of UI, feedback, etc. It's more complicated (so, more time consuming) to develop than it seems. But we know, we will do it, as soon as we can, considering other priorities ;)
Will there be any survival aspect like eating and drinking?
not at beta, nor at release, but it's a very good topic for a future expansion: "survival in DU"!
When are we getting Space Rum and Jago special blend coffee JC? I want to do some blurry flying!
well, that's an idea!
Will there be atmospheric events, shot as meteors or shooting stars, rain, thunderstorms?
weather is tricky, because the game world is not "local". Rain means clouds, clouds means "visible from space", etc. But we have plans to work on some game events, yes. Too soon to detail yet.
Will it be possible to obtain DACs in game (IE work up in-world money and buy them off a market) and if so how difficult will that be?
That's the plan, yes. You should be able to sell your DACs on the markets (NB: DAC are not here before release). The price will be market-driven, resulting from supply and demand, so I cannot really say what it will be. But if too many people buy, the price goes up. If too many people sell, it goes down. So it will equilibrate to "what it is worth for 30 days of ingame time".
Are the servers ready to handle the increase in player numbers on 27th August?
What is the highest concurrent proximate grouping of players that NQ has recorded so far? How confident are you that it can increase even more?
We did tests with up to 30.000 bots and some players in the mix. It's no definitive proof (only real world testing matters), but we are confident that we can hold. I posted below a video about the core tech principle. It's possible that things break at start because, besides the tech, there is also all the cloud infra that could fail to scale, these kinds of things. But I'm confident we can solve that rapidly, if it occurs.
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