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Annual Donation Target for 2024-2025

$15 of $265 raised

Bernhard Karich

July 21, 2023

Giving spare to my buddy's

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As a cherished contributor to North Industries, your support fuels our gaming community’s growth and success. We want you to know that every donation you make goes directly to the same account used to cover crucial expenses, including server costs, domain fees, and licenses for essential gaming tools. Your generosity ensures a seamless and immersive gaming experience for all members.

As you may know, running a thriving gaming community comes with essential costs, and your generosity directly impacts our growth and impact. Your contributions go toward covering:

Server Costs 180$

Our servers form the backbone of our community, ensuring smooth and enjoyable gaming experiences for every member.

Domain Expenses 30$

Our online presence remains accessible and identifiable to fellow gamers, thanks to your support in maintaining the domain.

Licenses 55$

We invest in licenses for vital gaming tools and software, enhancing the overall gaming experience and ensuring top-notch security.

No matter the size of your donation, it significantly contributes to the sustainability of our community. By supporting us, you enable us to continue hosting exciting events, improving services, and expanding our outreach to passionate gamers worldwide.

Thank you for your belief in our vision and for being an essential part of North Industries. Together, we can take gaming to new heights and ensure an extraordinary gaming journey for all.

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Annual Donation Target for 2024-2025

$15 of $265 raised