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Gain a real-time edge by effortlessly checking who’s online among your gaming comrades, without even needing to connect. Keep tabs on all your gaming buddies and their online status, ensuring you’re in sync for those crucial moments in your virtual adventures.

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Want to join our TeamSpeak server? Use this link for a hassle-free connection. And remember, sharing with your friends makes connecting with them even easier! TeamSpeak-Invite

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Feature Requests

We value your input! If you have any feature requests, suggestions to enhance our TeamSpeak 3 server, ideas for displaying server/game information with bots, or if there’s any additional service you’d like to see, we’d love to hear from you. Your feedback plays a vital role in making our community even better. Please use the form below to share your thoughts with us:


    🚀 Before You Submit Your Feature Request 🚀

    Hey there! Excited to share your feature request with us? That’s awesome! But before you do, take a moment to check out our “Future Feature Roadmap.” It’s possible that the feature you have in mind is already in the works!

    Visit our roadmap to get a sneak peek into the upcoming innovations and enhancements we have planned. Your desired feature might be just around the corner! We value your input, and your suggestions play a significant role in shaping our platform’s future.

    Thank you for being a part of North Industries. Let’s work together to make our platform even better! 🌟

    You like the Teamspeak Viewer? Grab the code, it is free and open source: https://github.com/scheissegalo/PHP-TS3ServerViewer

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