North industries New Teamspeak 3 user Dashboard

North industries new Teamspeak 3 user Dashboard

🎉 Exciting Announcement for North Industries Community! 🎉

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand-new, unique TeamSpeak dashboard at North Industries! This powerful tool allows everyone to create channels, manage bots, and set various options effortlessly. The best part? There’s no need for registration, and it’s 100% free and anonymous!

💎 Key Features:

  • Instant Access: No registration or admin approval required. Your data is entirely yours.
  • Generous Starting Points: Every member starts with enough TSPoints for two channels or one channel and a bot.
  • Earn TSPoints Easily:
    • Receive monthly TSPoints based on your TeamSpeak online time, user level, and community votes.
    • Play our exciting browser game, NorthCity, to earn in-game money and convert it to TSPoints (and vice versa).
    • Link your email address and Steam ID for additional TSPoints.

Join us today and enjoy full control right from the start. No hassle with admin approvals or verification processes. Dive into the fun and manage your channels and bots with ease!

Welcome to the future of gaming communities with North Industries – where your experience is always free, anonymous, and entirely in your hands!

Where to find the new Dashboard? Just connect with our TeamSpeak Server and read the Dashboard Channel!

Play NorthCity and gain points!

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