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Main Server


CPU 14.39%
DNet 7.11kBs
UNet 19.48kBs
RAM 54%
Disk 31%

Status: Active

Run Time: 736:55.99

CPU 0.0%
RAM 4.6%

Status: Active

Run Time: 3501:30

CPU 0.0%
RAM 0.7%

Status: Active

Run Time: 1058:17

CPU 0.0%
RAM 3.8%

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Teamspeak Stats

User Online: 10

Rank: 5

Vote Count: 42

Game Server


CPU 10.69%
DNet 0.26kBs
UNet 0.38kBs
RAM 67%
Disk 36%

Status: Active

Run Time: 1225:01

CPU 50.0%
RAM 25.0%

Status: Active

Run Time: 4252:01

CPU 20.0%
RAM 34.7%

Status: Inactive

Run Time: 0

CPU 0%
RAM 0%

Palworld Server

Player Count: 0

The Front Server

Player Count: 0

Conan Exiles Server


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