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Channels with an 🔒

Locked Channels – Enjoy a Peaceful Conversation! 🔒


Locked channels on our TeamSpeak server offer a serene haven for meaningful conversations and uninterrupted camaraderie. But what exactly are these channels adorned with the mysterious lock icon, you may wonder?


Allow us to elucidate! The lock icon signifies that these exclusive channels require a minimum level of 5 for entry. This smart security measure is in place to shield our community from pesky trolls and noise-makers, ensuring a delightful and engaging experience for everyone.


Now, don’t fret about reaching level 5 – it’s as simple as a breeze! All you need to do is spend some quality time on our server, chilling out with at least one other client for a mere 5 hours. Once you’ve completed this enjoyable bonding session, congratulations! You’ll find yourself elevated to level 5, unlocking the doors to those treasured channels.


So, why wait? Embark on this journey to level up and unlock access to our exclusive spaces. Embrace the harmony and camaraderie that awaits you within the confines of the locked channels. We look forward to seeing you there! Happy chatting!

The Ranking System - Progress and Achieve New Levels!

Welcome to our TeamSpeak server's captivating Ranking System! This innovative system rewards your dedication and presence within our community. Let's delve into the details of how it operates:

Commencing at Level 1: Every user embarks on their journey with a fresh Level 1 ranking. From here, exciting opportunities for growth and advancement await you.

Swift Progression (Level 1 to Level 6): As you spend time on our server, you’ll swiftly progress through the initial levels. With each half-hour of active online time, you’ll ascend to Level 2, then Level 3 after one hour, and so on, up to Level 6. This ensures that you can swiftly unlock new privileges and access while getting acquainted with the server and its vibrant community.

Monthly Milestones (Level 7 and Beyond): Reaching Level 6 marks a significant shift in the leveling pace. From here on, you’ll progress to the next level once every month. To ascend further, you’ll need to accumulate a full month’s worth of active online time.

Online Time vs. Joining Time: It’s essential to understand that our ranking system tracks your online time, not the moment you first joined the TeamSpeak server. The more time you actively spend in our channels, the faster you’ll climb through the ranks.

Interaction with Others – The Key to Leveling: Progressing within our ranking system depends on your interactions with others. To level up, you must be in a channel with at least one other client. This fosters a sense of community and encourages engaging conversations.

Alone, but Not Sent to AFK: We respect your wish to wait for others in a channel without being moved to the AFK channel automatically. Stay where you are, and when someone joins, you can continue your journey together.

Music Bots and Your Channel: Want to enjoy some tunes with friends in your channel? Absolutely! Having music bots in your channel won’t affect your leveling progress, and you can savor the music while hanging out with others.


There you have it – a comprehensive understanding of our Ranking System. As you climb the ranks, forge new connections, and experience all that our TeamSpeak server has to offer, we’re confident you’ll have a fantastic time. Enjoy the journey, and may your leveling adventures be filled with excitement! 🎉


You can recognize music bots by their orange-colored icon 🟠. Not all bots are music bots.

you need at least member rights to use bot commands.

Drag one of the music bots into your channel, and you can post YouTube links that the bot will automatically download and play. To post links, you need at least Member privileges.

Instructions: Search for a song or whatever you want the YouTube bot to play. Copy the link from your browser’s address bar and paste it in your channel’s chat, not the server chat. To trigger the bot you need to use !yt before the link. The command should look like in this example:


Songs can also be searched using !yts, for example: search for !yts “michael jackson beat it” or !yts “halo metal cover” or !yts “DnB mix 2017”.

Search and play with !ytp, for example: search for and play first hit !ytp “michael jackson beat it”




Plays the song instantly and skips queue.


Plays the entire playlist link.

!ytp michael jackson beat it

Search for the song and instantly plays it.

!yts michael jackson beat it

Search for the song and displays results to play.


Stops the playback


Toggle Pause the playback on/off


Plays next song in the playlist.

!volume 40

Change volume to given argument (1-100). 

!seek 5m

Jumps to the song 5 min mark. you can use “s” for seconds and “m” for minutes.

Enjoy listening to music!


Introducing the powerful and versatile System Bot, N-SYS!

Display Server and Game Infos: N-SYS brings your server to life by efficiently displaying essential server information and captivating game details. Stay informed about server statistics, game events, and more, all seamlessly integrated into the channels for quick access.


Online Counter: With N-SYS, you can effortlessly keep track of the server’s online presence. The bot provides a real-time online counter, making it a breeze to monitor server activity and create a vibrant and lively community.


Cryptocurrency Display: Stay ahead in the crypto world with N-SYS’s cutting-edge feature that showcases real-time cryptocurrency data right within your server channels. Keep yourself and your members updated with the latest market trends and prices.


Ranking and Leveling: The heart of N-SYS lies in its unrivaled ranking and leveling system. Climb the ranks and earn prestigious titles as you contribute to the community. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new member, N-SYS recognizes your efforts and rewards your dedication.


Interactive AFK Management: Worried about AFK players cluttering your channels? Fear not! N-SYS efficiently manages AFK status, ensuring a clean and organized server environment. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to seamless communication.


Customizable Features: N-SYS is all about catering to your server’s unique needs. With customizable settings, you have the freedom to fine-tune the bot’s behavior according to your preferences. Tailor your server experience with ease.

Moderation / Rights


The highest rank, exclusively for those who possess advanced knowledge and expertise.

Server Admin

Regular server admin group with rights up to 75.


Similar to Server Admin, but with some restrictions on changing groups.

Moderator Extra

Basic Moderation rights like kick, move and ban plus create permanent rooms.


Basic Moderation rights like kick, move and ban.


Can access all channels with a power level of 75.


This group consists of our Support-Team. Feel free to ask them anything, and they will be more than willing to help you.


VIP is a special group with additional access privileges. Members in this group can also utilize the bots.


The default group that allows basic access. Members in this group can use the music bots as well.

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