Why North Industries – Secure Gaming Services and TeamSpeak Are Better Alternatives to Discord

In recent years, online gaming communities have been abuzz with debates about the best platforms for voice and text communication. While Discord seems to have captured a significant market share, issues surrounding its data collection policies have led to growing concerns among users. TeamSpeak has long been a reliable alternative, but if you’re looking for a comprehensive service that prioritizes your privacy, North Industries – Secure Gaming Services should be your go-to choice. Here’s why.

Privacy-First Approach: North Industries and TeamSpeak

Why Privacy Matters

As our lives increasingly shift online, data privacy has become more critical than ever. Discord, despite its popularity, has raised eyebrows due to its vague privacy policies and data collection methods. In contrast, North Industries and TeamSpeak offer a resolute commitment to user privacy.

TeamSpeak’s Privacy Credentials

TeamSpeak provides end-to-end encryption and allows you to host your own server, giving you full control over your data. It doesn’t require you to disclose personal information for basic functionalities, which inherently makes it a more secure option.

North Industries – Secure Gaming Services

North Industries takes privacy up another notch with a range of services, all designed to keep your data confidential and secure. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or meeting fellow gamers online, North Industries ensures that all your activities are private, anonymous, and encrypted.

Feature-Rich Services: North Industries Has It All

While Discord does offer a myriad of features, North Industries provides an even more comprehensive range of services designed to enhance your gaming experience while ensuring the utmost privacy.

Live Streaming

Unlock the power of live streaming without compromising your data with North Industries’ anonymous and encrypted streaming service. Stream directly to your friends and control who gets to see your gaming exploits.

Live Streaming


Enjoy synchronized viewing experiences of gaming highlights, esports tournaments, and more, thanks to N-Watch. Share awe-inspiring moments securely, ensuring that your viewing sessions are private and your data remains encrypted.



For those who prefer a face-to-face interaction, N-Meet offers private, anonymous, and encrypted webcam meetings and screen-sharing sessions. Strategize, catch up, or simply chat with your friends, all while knowing that your data is safe from unauthorized access.


Forum and N-App

Engage in spirited discussions or simply keep in touch through N-App’s encrypted cross-platform chat application. Whether you’re using Windows, Linux, or Android, you can be sure that your conversations remain confidential.

Forum N-App

Game Servers and TeamSpeak

Last but not least, North Industries offers hosted game servers for a range of games, ensuring a smooth and secure gaming experience. Plus, they offer a private, anonymous, and always encrypted TeamSpeak server to facilitate secure voice communications during your gaming sessions.

Seamless Integration with TeamSpeak

North Industries embraces TeamSpeak as its voice communication platform, which already gives it an edge over Discord in terms of privacy and data security. Users can easily connect to North Industries’ encrypted TeamSpeak server with an invitation/sharing link for a secure and immersive multiplayer experience.


In an age where data privacy can no longer be taken for granted, platforms like North Industries – Secure Gaming Services and TeamSpeak offer a refreshing change from the data-centric models of services like Discord. With a broad array of features that cater to every gamer’s needs without compromising on data security, North Industries stands out as a comprehensive and privacy-focused alternative worth considering.

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